Here are staff in schools and treatment facilities who have implemented the CPS model.


It can help to hear from people who’ve already implemented the CPS model in their schools and facilities. There are lots of rough patches and breakthroughs that happen along the way. Click on the videos below and see what these courageous people have to say.

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Rod Bouffard

Rod Bouffard is formerly the Superintendent at Long Creek Youth Development Center in South Portland, Maine (Maine's primary juvenile detention facility), where he oversaw implementation of the CPS model, with dramatic positive effects on rates of recidivism, use of solitary confinement, and staff and resident injuries. He's now Superintendent at the Maine State Prison.
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Aliscia Krecisz

Ms. Krecisz is a teacher at West Street Elementary School in Sanborn, New York. As you’ll see, there’s a big difference between the ways in which she previously handled her challenging students and the ways she does now.
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Dorothy Plumpton

Ms. Plumpton is a second-grade teacher at Lafayette School in Sanford, Maine. She was skeptical about Dr. Greene's model at first. Luckily, she’s also open-minded, and found that, once she cleared some initial hurdles, the model was very helpful in her work with some of her most challenging students.
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Dave DiGiacomo

Mr. DiGiacomo is a teacher at the Tuscorora Indian School in Lewiston, New York. He’s passionate about helping kids, and equally passionate about Dr. Greene's model and how it has impacted his interactions with his more challenging students.
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Kate Thurman

Ms. Thurman is a counselor (and former classroom teacher) at Errick Road Elementary School in North Tonawanda, New York. Here she talks about the parts of Dr. Greene's model that were hard for her to master, including “drilling” and dealing with kids who are silent in the Empathy step.
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Misty McBreirt

Is there enough time to implement the CPS model in a school? Misty McBrierty is currently Director of Director of Curriculum and Assessment in the Shaker Regional School District in New Hampshire...but when she answered this question, she was Assistant Principal at Shapleigh Middle School in Kittery, Maine.
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Kathy Regan

Ms. Regan is formerly Nurse Manager at the Child Assessment Unit (CAU), an inpatient psychiatry unit at Cambridge City Hospital. Before she and the staff on the CAU began implementing Dr. Greene's model, the unit had extremely high rates of restraints and locked-door seclusion. Not anymore.

Too often we forget that discipline really means to teach, not to punish. A disciple is a student, not a recipient of behavioral consequences.

- Dr. Dan Siegel