So there’s definitely something for you, your school, or your treatment facility.

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Whether you’re an educator, parent, mental health clinician, physician, or staff member in a therapeutic treatment facility, if you’re looking for exposure to or proficiency in the Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) model, we offer a variety of training options to meet your needs. Among the most popular is Dr. Greene’s virtual 2-day training, offered several times every year. We also host two free, virtual, annual conferences. And we offer on-demand programming as well (lots of those programs are free).

If you need help deciding which training is best for you or your school or treatment facility, please contact us…we’d be happy to assist.


Get Your Feet Wet, Virtually or In Person:

Dr. Greene’s live, virtual, 2-day virtual training is a really good way to get oriented to the basics and many of the nuances of the CPS model. The next one is on October 3 & 4, 2024. If you can’t join in live, your registration gives you access to the recording. Registration is now open!

And if you don’t want to wait — or if those dates don’t work for you — our most recent 2-day training is available on demand.

And if you want a training – virtual or in-person – tailored to your specific needs, we’re happy to make that happen as well.

Get Into the Weeds:

If your school or treatment facility has already had some exposure to the CPS model – either through a training or through one of Dr. Greene’s books – and you want to take the next step, you’ll probably be interested in our 6-week plunge and 10-week proficiency trainings. With both options, a Lives in the Balance trainer will work virtually with a “core group” of your staff on a weekly basis. Staff submit and receive feedback on work samples they submit of the assessment tool of the CPS model (the Assessment of Skills and Unsolved Problems) and the problem-solving process (Plan B). These trainings can be focused on transforming the disciplinary culture of a school or treatment facility, or more specifically on reducing or eliminating the use of restraint and seclusion. Trainings are available in English, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, and French.


Get Your Feet Wet, Virtually

Again, Dr. Greene’s 2-day virtual training (described above) is a great way to get oriented to the basics and some of the nuances of the CPS model.

Certification Trainings

Certification trainings are for individual clinicians, educators, and other providers interested in becoming a certified provider in the CPS model. These intensive virtual trainings provide supervised practice and feedback in 24 weekly, 60-minute supervision sessions. The first ten weeks are focused on the use of the Assessment of Skills and Unsolved Problems [ASUP] and Plan B. Participants who demonstrate satisfactory proficiency in these two components can then move on to participate in the subsequent 14-weeks of training, in which skills related to explaining the model, demonstrating it, and coaching it are the focal point. Each supervision group is limited to six participants, and we typically run multiple groups simultaneously throughout the year. Submission of weekly work samples are required, so access to a sufficient number of kids and families/teachers is necessary. Participation in one of Dr. Greene’s 2-day trainings (described above) is a prerequisite. Upon successful completion of this training, participants are certified to demonstrate, coach, and provide feedback to staff in their schools and treatment facilities and provide the CPS model in their outpatient settings. Certified providers are also eligible to receive additional training to train outside of their settings. These trainings are offered in English, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, and French. You can submit your application here. In general, we encourage some prior experience in using the model before applying for this training. If you still have questions, please read our FAQs and/or contact us at


Lots of parents participate in Dr. Greene’s virtual 2-day training described above. But we’re also in the midst of completely revising and refreshing our training options for parents. Please visit this section again soon to see what we’ve cooked up!

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Our virtual, free Annual Summit on Collaborative & Proactive Solutions is held every spring, and it’s a great way to hear incredible keynote speakers, re-energize, and dive into the CPS model. Our 2024 Annual Summit was held on April 12, 2024, with over 4000 people registered. This year’s theme was Voices of the Neurodivergent Community, and our keynote speakers included Alex Kimmel, Kristy Forbes, Meghan Ashburn, Jules Edward, and Jenny Hunt. As always, there were also breakout groups for parents, educators, and mental health clinicians at various points in their journey with the CPS model. If you didn’t register but would still like to watch all the presentations, contact us.

Our virtual, free Childrens Mental Health Advocacy Conference is held every fall. The 2024 conference is on September 27, 2024! The conference is not only a great way to stay up to date on state, federal, and international legislation and initiatives aimed at ending punitive, exclusionary disciplinary practices, it’s also an energy boost for those involved (or thinking of getting involved) in initiating and supporting such efforts. And, always the conference is both virtual and free. Registration opens soon. If you missed it last year’s conference — for which over 3000 participants registered — you can watch it in its entirety here.


2-Day Training on Collaborative & Proactive Solutions with Dr. Ross Greene


Infusing Collaborative & Proactive Solutions Into PBIS with assistant principal Kelly Sarah and school psychologist Rachel Polacek – link to handouts (FREE!) 


Addressing Disproportionality in School Discipline with Collaborative & Proactive Solutions with Dr. Stacy Haynes (FREE!)


School Implementation of CPS: Building leadership density & a positive culture with Principal Ryan Gleason (FREE!)


CPS & the Neurodivergent Student with Dr. Stacy Haynes (FREE!)



If you’re interested in learning more about any of the above options, just use the Contact form on this website.