The time for action is now…let’s work together to protect our most vulnerable kids.

DID YOU KNOW, according to the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights data base, that every hour 83 kids are restrained or secluded…86 kids are expelled…78 are corporally punished…and 4,273 are suspended…in American public schools? Every hour.  

Lives in the Balance is at the forefront of efforts to dramatically reduce or eliminate the most harmful, counterproductive practices – such as suspension, restraint, seclusion, and corporal punishment – in our schools and treatment facilities. Not only do we heighten awareness of these practices, and their long-term implications for kids and society, we also train countless caregivers every year in the evidence-based model of care, Collaborative & Proactive Solutions, that has been shown to reduce or eliminate these practices.

Despite these efforts, too many people aren’t even aware that kids are still being treated this way. The need is urgent to get punitive, exclusionary, harmful, counterproductive, unnecessary practices into the national consciousness. Our TV spots have aired and our donors made it happen…and it made a difference- 5.5M people in NY and DC saw it, and 1M viewed the FB ad.

The time for action is now, let’s work together to protect our most vulnerable kids. Please donate below…today! We, the kids, and their caregivers are grateful beyond words for your support.

We are fortunate to count among our supporters the musical group, The Wailin’ Jennys: Ruth Moody, Heather Masse, and Nicky Mehta.