Where Do You Start?

Adoption was our found blessing...we wanted nothing more than to have a family. But our beautiful adopted daughter came into this world screaming. She never slept soundly and would cringe in her own body, as if she wanted to crawl out of her skin. And so our journey began...a series of doctors, neurologists, cat scans, MRI's, etc...looking for answers. She has always been irritable and easily frustrated, but we thought with compassion and therapy and medication we could handle it. Boy were we wrong. The beast within her continues to grow and get bigger. She is 13 now, and getting to a point where the defiance is hateful, cruel, and spiteful. I keep thinking today is going to be the day all the talks and love are going to take hold and she is going to use all the tools she has, but the beast devours her and she gets consumed and rage takes over and all the tools are forgotten. We hope, pray, and look forward to a new day. I believe she will overcome this and be able to manage it one day, but for now we just take it minute by minute, hour by hour, and day by day.