Lives in the Balance Recognition Awards

Do you know someone who has embraced and implemented Dr. Greene's CPS approach? Someone who -- perhaps against tough odds -- has championed the approach in his or her home, school, or treatment facility...who’s gone above and beyond to advocate on behalf of behaviorally challenging kids and let others know that the approach can help?

It’s time for some recognition!

Each year, Lives in the Balance recognizes educators, clinicians, staff members, and parents for their efforts on behalf of kids with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges and for helping others learn about, embrace, and implement Dr. Greene's model and other non-punitive, non-adversarial interventions. But we need you to tell us who these trailblazers are! And this is the place to do it!

Our 2014 recipients were Tom Ambrose, Principal at Morse Street School in Freeport, Maine; Susan McCuaig, Principal at Betty Huff Elementary in Surrey, British Columbia; the Near North District School Board in Ontario, Canada; led by Roslyn Bowness, Superintendent of Schools and Program and behavior counselors Lisa Mason and Dawn McMillan; and the Avon Maitland School District in Ontario, Canada, led by Peggy Blair, Superintendent of Student Learning Services, and Ted Doherty, Director of Education.

Our 2013 receipient was Barbara Freethy, a mental health clinician in Portland, Maine and director of Transdisciplinary Workshops.

The 2012 award recipients were Susan Portin, parent, Buffalo, New York; Dr. Monica DeShryver, psychologist, St. James, New York; Nina D'Aran, now Principal at Central School, South Berwick, Maine; and Ryan Gleason, then Assistant Principal at Durham Community School, Durham, Maine.

The 2011 award recipients were Kristin Fink, St. Paul’s Lutheran School, Orange, California; Jamie Seeley, Emerald Hills Elementary School, Bonney Lake, Washington; Leigh Fahlquist, Shodair Children’s Hospital. Helena, Montana; and Aaron and Wendy Rousseau, parents, South Berwick, Maine.

If you'd like to nominate a Trailblazer, CLICK HERE.