Lives in the Balance staff members are passionate about kids, devoted to our values and mission, and energized to change things for the better. No slackers in this crowd...

Ross Greene Ross Greene, PhD, Founding Director, served on the faculty at Harvard Medical School for over 20 years, and is now adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Virginia Tech and adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Science at the University of Technology Sydney in Australia.
Liz Rudman Liz Rudman, Director of Everything, previously worked as an assistant director of an adoption agency, a career counselor, a rehabilitation counselor, and an advertising executive in New York City. She oversees conference planning, workshops, trainings, and -- well, pretty much everything else -- at Lives in the Balance.
K Hopkins

Kim Hopkins-Betts, LICSW, Director of Outreach, has previously managed the clinical departments of two organizations serving youth and families in residential facilities. Kim tries to ensure that caregivers receive the support and resources they need in parenting and working with kids with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges. 

Christine McIntire, J.D., Director of Advocacy, earned her law degree with a specialization in Public Interest Law. She has also been a classroom teacher in Title I elementary schools. Christine oversees our efforts to advocate for change in how kids with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges are treated.
Cynthia Graton Cynthia Graton, Director of Quality Control, has worked as a psychoeducator in an organization dedicated to treating the most severe and persistent childhood behavioral disorders in the health care system. She has acquired considerable expertise with the CPS model and works as a provider, coach, speaker and clinical consultant for organizations in the process of implementing this model.
Tim and Anne Ann Landsberg and Tim Baehr volunteer their time to handle communications and order fulfillment for the Lives in the Balance Care Package program.

We'd also like to acknowledge some very talented people who have been central to the development of this website, including the supremely talented and patient Jon Sachs (who designed the site), the smart folks at Redfin Solutions (whose technical expertise makes it all work), and Jack Maypole, M.D. (for his outstanding artwork on the cartoons).