Parenting Your Challenging Child: CPS Essentials

Overview of Collaborative & Proactive Solutions* 
(program aired live on January 5, 2010)
In this inaugural edition of Parenting Your Challenging Child, Dr. Greene describes how challenging kids come to be challenging: they're lacking the skills not to be challenging. This perspective represents a dramatic departure from viewing challenging kids as manipulative, attention-seeking, unmotivated, coercive, and limit-testing. Dr. Greene also describes how to go about figuring out what skills your kid is lacking, through use of the Assessment of Lagging Skills and Unsolved Problems (ALSUP). He discusses the fact that challenging behavior occurs under highly predictable conditions, called "unsolved problems," and describes how to go about identifying these unsolved problems in your child. A great introduction to Dr. Greene's model for parents! LISTEN NOW

Refreshment (program aired live on November 23, 2010)
For lots of folks, one of the great things about this program is that it provides a weekly reminder of the mentality, language, and strategies of the CPS* model. This week's program provides a nice "refresher" on those key themes. LISTEN NOW

Important...and Not So Important...Information (program aired live on January 25, 2011)
What information is most important to focus on when you're trying to understand and help a child with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges? And how does one organize the effort so as to intervene proactively rather than reactively? LISTEN NOW

Just Starting the Journey (program aired live on November 29, 2011)
On this program, we heard from several parents who were just getting the ball rolling on using the CPS* approach.  The journey is usually bumpy, but they already have some key ingredients working for them: bravery and the willingness to try something new. LISTEN NOW 

Understanding What's Getting in a Child's Way (program aired live on February 14, 2012)
On today's program we were reminded of how important it is to get a handle on a child's lagging skills so we understand what's really getting in the way for the child...and to nail down highly specific unsolved problems so we know what we're working on. LISTEN NOW

*Dr. Greene is the originator of the Collaborative Problem Solving approach -- and referred to his model by that name in his articles, chapters, research papers, and books prior to 2013 -- but now calls his model Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS). Read more here.