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All kids have times when they struggle to handle life's expectations. Those with significant behavioral challenges seem to have more of those times, and respond in ways that are more extreme. But whether your child responds in ways that are more concerning -- hitting, kicking, screaming, swearing, biting, spitting -- or in ways that are more tame -- whining, pouting, sulking, crying, withdrawing -- your goal is to identify and solve the problems that are causing those behaviors. Your first stop is the The Walking's going to guide you through the key facets of the Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) model, as described in Dr. Ross Greene's books The Explosive Child and Raising Human Beings. And there are lots of additional resources to help you out after that:

Take the Walking Tour: Through demonstration videos and audio programming, you'll be helped to understand your child's challenging episodes, to identify unsolved problems, and to start solving problems collaboratively and proactively. Your role is going to change: you won't be in the "behavior modification" business anymore, you'll be in the problem solving business instead. Whether you're trying to reduce challenging episodes or help your child learn and practice some really important skills -- or both -- when you're ready to get started, click here.

Join In: Longing for something more interactive? We have two Facebook groups for parents...The B Team is for parents of behaviorally challenging kids (click here for that)...Elevate Your Parenting is for all parents (click here for that)...

Listen In: Our web-based radio program Parenting Your Behaviorally Challenging Child airs on the first Tuesday of every month, September though May. Join Dr. Greene, Kim Hopkins-Betts (Director of Outreach at Lives in the Balance) and parents Stella Hastings and Jennifer Trethewey as they respond to callers and emails from listeners. If you can't listen in live, recordings of past programs are listed by topic in the vast Listening Library. Click Here

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Sneak Preview: Prefer to dip your toe in the water before jumping in? Read a one-page summary of the CPS model here.

Need a Clinician?: There are over 140 providers across the world who are certified in the CPS model.