"I have 18 other kids -- not just yours"

My little guy started kindergarten this year as a young five year old. After two months of constant calls from the principal, constant removals from the classroom and countless interceptions by other Qualified People in the school, we chose to move him to a Pre-K program, thinking the stress would be less and things would get better. For a couple of weeks, it was better but then my son starting having difficulty in circle time. The teacher told me that he is one of 18 students and that she doesn't have the time for his attention-seeking behaviors.

At that time, I had just finished reading The Explosive Child and KNEW for the first time what could work. I danced with joy. I cried. I was elated. I tried to get the school interested. So far, they're saying yes, but don't see a change in their behavior. His teacher still uses Plan A to deal with the difficulties my son is having in circle time and so my son is still lashing out, kicking classmates.

It's heartbreaking. I know that the teacher 'means well' but what she's doing is not working for my son. It is going to take endless conversations and maybe me sitting in the classroom to expose her to other workable options. So, while I have HOPE, I am also frustrated. Each day is a new day and the optimist in me hopes that we adults don't drain him of his sunshine completely, that he doesn't develop a supreme hatred of school and other people before we can get a working solution in place. It's so hard to watch the frustrated behaviors of a 5 year old and know this won't be resolved overnight.