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If you're an educator, you know how tough it can be to help a behaviorally challenging student. And you may also recognize that the school discipline program and zero tolerance policies aren't making things any better (for anyone). Fortunately, you're in the right place! You'll want to start with The Walking's going to guide you through the three components of the Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) model, as described in Dr. Ross Greene's books Lost at School and Lost & Found. The model has dramatically reduced discipline referrals, detentions, and suspensions in lots of schools. But it's also a great technology for giving all your students practice at some very important skills. After the tour, check out all the other helpful resources in this section.

Take the Walking Tour: Through audio programming and demonstration videos, we'll walk you through the basics of the CPS model and help you fundamentally change how you go about dealing with behavioral challenges in your school and classroom. Your role is going to change: you won't be in the "behavior modification" business anymore, you'll be in the problem solving business instead. The Tour starts here. And if you need help along the way, click here.

Join In: If you're looking for something more interactive, participate in our Facebook discussion group for here for that.

Listen In: You'll find hundreds of 45-minute podcasts in our vast Listening Library for educators. You'll hear from educators all over the world who are on the journey to treating kids in ways that are more compassionate and effective. Click here

Take the Survey: See if your school's discipline practices are in line with what we now know about why students exhibit challenging behavior by taking the School Discipline Survey...then let us know if you need our help!

Learn How to Reduce (or Eliminate) Restraints and Seclusions: We've launched a new website -- -- to provide resources to help schools dramatically reduce (and ultimately eliminate) the use of restraint and seclusion...and, of course, all those resources are free.

CPS Flavored IEP: Our sample IEP is informed by the Assessment of Lagging Skills and Unsolved Problems (ALSUP)! We've been saying that a completed ALSUP pretty much writes the IEP for you can see what that looks like.

CPS Flavored FBA: A meaningful FBA is one that memorializes a student's lagging skills and unsolved problems (using the ALSUP) so we can finally understand why a student is getting, escaping, and avoiding in such a maladaptive manner. Here 'tis.

See More: Want to hear from other educators and staff who've been changing things for the better in their schools and facilities? Check out the Voices section.

Learn More: Do you prefer getting your info live, in person, from the originator and his colleagues? Check out the Workshops/Training page...there are lots of different training options to meet your specific needs.

Sneak Preview: Prefer to dip your toe in the water before jumping in? Read a one-page summary of the CPS model...just click here.

Do a Book Study: Access the free book study guides for Lost at School and Lost & Found.

Lens Changer App: Our free app, The Lens Changer, will help you keep track of unsolved problems and Plan B discussions, and provides quick links to various helpful topics. Click here for Android users...and click here for iOS users.

Full Class Plan B: If you were thinking that Plan B should be used only to solve problems with individual students, think again! Here's a video example of Plan B being used to solve a problem affecting an entire class (with thanks to the students and staff at Central Middle School in the Greater Victoria [British Columbia] School District).

You Still Want More?! You're insatiable! But here's the link to the Q & A section on the Lost at School website...