If you need to contact Dr. Greene or anyone else at Lives in the Balance -- to get involved, to ask a question, to find out more about our mission, or to get some information about training options and workshops -- just complete and submit the form below. If you have a question about a specific child or about how to implement the CPS model in your home, school, or facility, submit your question on the form and Dr. Greene and his co-hosts will do their best to respond on one of our web-based radio programs. Or contact us directly by email:

Ross Greene, Founding Director (advocacy and donations)

Liz Rudman, Director of Everything (administration, training, and conferences)

Kim Hopkins-Betts, Director of Outreach (outreach efforts, including Facebook groups)

Christine McIntire, Director of Advocacy

And here's our physical address and phone number, just in case you need 'em:

85 Exchange Street, Suite 201
Portland, Maine 04101
Phone: 207-210-6589

We're looking forward to hearing from you!