We're Not Alone


Lives in the Balance isn't alone in its advocacy efforts.  Here are some other organizations that are advocating for similar things

Advancement Project - National organization with additional presence in California, focuses on racial justice issues including a program in Ending the Schoolhouse to Jailhouse Track advocating for the end of zero-tolerance policies, school policing, and looking for new solutions for student misconduct; they co-authored “Restorative Practices: Fostering Healthy Relationships and Promoting Positive Discipline in Schools

Advocates for Children - New York legal organization protecting against discrimination in schools, especially strong in know your rights work for parents and students

Center for Effective Discipline - A program of Gundersen National Child Protection Training Center that publishes information on the effects and risks of corporal punishment as well as suggested alternatives

Center for the Study of Race and Equity in Education - University of Pennsylvania academic center, focuses on racial disparities in the application of discipline

Children’s Defense Fund - Advocacy organization working for children to alleviate poverty, promote access to healthcare, and quality education, working on ending racial disparity in school discipline

Civil Rights Project at UCLA - Research organization working on civil rights and racial justice issues including unequal application of discipline based on race, gender, and ability; authored “Are We Closing the School Discipline Gap?

Council of State Governments- Justice Center - National policy think-tank around criminal justice issues, their Youth program wrote “The School Discipline Consensus Report

Dignity in Schools - Advocates on the federal level for alternatives to zero-tolerance discipline, supports state and local campaigns, and works to share information and resources

Fix School Discipline - California organization offering tools and resources to advocate for less harsh disciplinary practices by offering toolkits, webinars, and compiled research

International Institute for Restorative Practice - Graduate school devoted to restorative practices, includes the SaferSanerSchools training program

National Partnership to End Interpersonal Violence - Organization working to prevent all forms of interpersonal violence, holds annual Think Tank conferences

Rennie Center for Education Research & Policy Advocates for Children - Massachusetts-based organization compiling research and policy information on school issues, including research on discipline policies

Southern Poverty Law Center - Legal and research organization working for civil rights and racial justice, with a focus in children’s rights including discipline policies

Texas Appleseed - Texas-based organization that works on the school-to-prison pipeline and juvenile justice issues, advocates for the reduction of policing in education and community-based treatment for juvenile offenders

US Alliance to End the Hitting of Children - Advocates against all hitting of children including corporal punishment in school, and supports other forms of positive discipline

Voices of Youth in Chicago Education - Chicago-based organization that began researching the high drop-out rate and concluded that better relationships with teachers and faculty could be key; they started the Campaign for Common Sense Discipline, which was recently credited with helping to pass a new law in Illinois changing discipline standards