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sad girlYour unrestricted donation to Lives in the Balance can help us raise awareness and provide essential support to behaviorally challenged children, their families and communities.


Lives in the Balance programs and services help thousands of children and their families – and they depend on the generosity of supporters like you!

What We Do
We provide vast, free resources on helping kids and their caregivers solve problems together, reducing behavior problems and fostering empathy and compassion. We heighten awareness of -- and provide solutions in -- situations and settings in which kids are being treated in ways that are inhumane and ineffective. And we facilitate partnerships that ensure that kids who need help the most don't slip through the cracks.

Who We Are
Our tagline tells the tale: we foster collaboration and compassion, transform lives, and inspire change, guided by the precepts of Dr. Ross Greene's Collaborative & Proactive Solutions model.

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Your support makes a huge difference in the lives of our most vulnerable kids...and the rest of us. Thank you!