When it's my idea, it's always a good one!

Tonight we successfully worked Plan B for the first time with our son, and it felt so great to have a conversation rather than yelling and fighting.
The issue: Our 6-year-old son wants to sleep on the floor in our room.
Our concern: We need more alone time.
When we got to the third step of Plan B -- brainstorming solutions -- and our son suggested the solution of sleeping in our room half the night, we agreed that would work. We can move him when we go to bed. Of course, this solution wasn't the first one mentioned, just the first one we agreed upon. As my husband confirmed with our son that this was a "good idea," our son replied, "Of course it's a good idea; it was MY idea. When it's my idea, it's always a good one." We had to laugh! Of course, we were so pleased that the plan worked. And what an "AHA!" moment -- if he has truly been heard and is able to have input on the solution, he'll feel it's his idea. And, likely, it won't become a battle with him!