What happens when we don't get help for our challenging kids

My daughter Sarah is 17 years old and she is now in a wonderful therapeutic boarding school in Oregon because in the last several years my beautiful, difficult, challenging, wonderful girl became a drug addict. She was diagnosed with ADD at the age of 7, she changed schools more times than I can count, she struggled with difficult relationships her whole life, being rejected by peers, kicked out of class daily...and then it got worse: she started smoking pot and it gradually escalated into using harder drugs.

I don't want to scare parents, I want to make parents aware of what can happen when we don't get these kids the help they need. We sought help with all kinds of people from therapists to psychiatrists to natural healers, and nothing helped.

Had I known even half of what I know now thanks to the people who have helped her since she has been at her new school I think I could have saved her from becoming an addict. Her therapist suggested I read The Explosive Child and then suggested the website to me, and it has changed my entire approach to dealing with my daughter.

It is never too late to use CPS, because it is never too late to learn.