Tomorrow is another Day...

I am a new Special Education teacher (career change), and my first job placement is in a school with both "self-contained" and "inclusion" classes.

I have been a teacher now for merely two months, and I am already totally exhausted and overwhelmed by my new responsibility as teacher. My students -- especially those who are acting out, but also those those who are ready to listen and learn -- aren't progressing in their learning. Meanwhile, it is my responsibility to teach them and I am accountable to show what they are learning! It feels like a lose-lose situation and I am very discouraged, as I don't see how this environment can work. I am still working on just getting students to remain in their seats.

I bought Lost at School, and I will start reading it ASAP. I know I am uniquely qualified to help students with special needs due to my experience in raising my own behaviorally challenging child, but having several of these students acting out simultaneously is harder!! There are not enough hours in the day, but each day I say my prayers, start all over and hope for a breakthrough.