Thank you SOOOO MUCH!!!!!

As a former substitute teacher, I thought I knew how to handle kids pretty well. And I did, usually. However, when our hot-tempered, intelligent, and challenging child was born, I knew I had a lot to learn. As an infant, she was extremely challenging and fussy. She turned into a very challenging toddler, and now a very challenging 5-year old. She ONLY acted out at home, never at school and only in front of people she was very comfortable with. She is a bit shy and rarely talks to her teachers at school, but I still knew that something was off with her. She was doing well in every area of her life, but had one area of her life in which she really struggled: the emotional outbursts that turned violent at times. Her doctor recommended that we see a psychologist, but I needed answers yesterday. I picked up this book (you know the one) that a friend let me borrow and I couldn't help but cry. Finally, someone understood what I was going through!!! And the best part, there were answers on how we could help her! I hadn't even finished the book before I started using Plan B. Our daughter is extremely difficult in the morning especially, and I woke up that day and decided to try it out. Well, it worked!!! Not only did it work, but it worked multiple times throughout the morning on things that I KNEW she would have normally thrown a tantrum over. The icing on the cake was when she came home from school in a bad mood and told me, "Mommy, I'm feeling a little mad right now and I just need to be left alone". Now to some, this wouldn't be a huge deal, but with our daughter it's a monumental step. She has NEVER, EVER said that before. It was like something just started to click with her! I have used these steps every time I think we might have a problem, so that it doesn't get to the emergency plan B. My husband and I are on cloud nine with this book and we are so very thankful for everything you have done for our family, and most importantly our daughter! I have been sharing the news with everyone I know, because I'm so profoundly optimistic that I have a plan that is working!!! So, if you don't mind me saying, THANK YOU!!!! You are a lifesaver (the really yummy kind)!