Thank my kid

My story focuses on me, the parent. I was a BTDT (Been There Done That) parent, but something happened that changed my life: reading The Explosive Child. I had always been a fan of Edward de Bono ("How to teach your child to think") and other books, so I identified with The Explosive Child. When we adults allow ourselves to become more aware of our contribution to the dynamics of relationships, CPS can be very empowering and stimulating. I owe my kid a debt of gratitude for being the catalyst for my own emotional growth, connecting with others, and continuous learning. In gratitude to Dr. Greene and also having a desire to learn more and share with others, I have been sharing the CPS message on various parenting forums for more than 10 years. There are other parents like me out there. When you help others and share the message, you learn the most. Be a source of joy and happiness for your family, remember that "Kids do well if they can," and, most important, remember that the greatest parenting tool we have is connecting and chatting with your kid.