Still growing

It's been five years since our son's psychologist gave us the Dutch copy of The Explosive Child. Like many parents of challenging children, I read the book in tears. It was a comfort to read in printed words that we were not alone...that things were not hopeless...that the problems and anger we were daily faced with could be resolved. That there was a way out of it. Since then we have been learning and trying Plan B. Our son is doing so much better. From an uncertain, angry, anxious boy, he has grown into an self-confident, sensitive and relaxed 12-year old (he still has some mood swings and he gets angry sometimes, but the frequency has diminished dramatically). It has been a slow process. No big leaps, no dramatic turning points. Slowly but steady he is doing better and growing in his behaviour. We're not ready yet. Still learning, still solving problems. But we are doing fine, our son is doing fine. Thank you so much!