We knew early on that our son had some issues: he screamed from the time he was born until he was about eight months old. He didn't sleep through the night until he was four years old. A swing was the only thing that soothed him when he was little. We used to joke when he was a year old that he needed anger management classes! He met all his milestones on time and was very smart. But the crying, the meltdowns and screaming was exhausting. He used to swear every evening in bed, using colorful words when he talked about each family member. Humor is what got us through until school started. We went through two years of pre-K -- and before that parent and tot group -- because his seperation anxiety was so extreme.

I've been advocating for my son since he was two years old. He's been in three different schools and three different programs. We saw all the right people and took all the right parenting classes, read books, and still here we are fighting once again for the right placement for him! And they think it's a parenting issue! If only the school could understand that he needs a different way of teaching and that our kids with these challenges and emotional difficulties need people who understand them. We're holding our own and trying to stay strong! And I have to say, as wonderful as our kids are, we parents are emotionally and mentally tired more than we admit! To all moms and dads of challenging kids: keep your chins up high! You and our complex kids deserve all the best!