Parenting Your Challenging Child: Collaborating With Your Child's School

Different Humps, Same Answer (program aired live on February 21, 2012)
Two different moms called into today's program asking for guidance on helping their kids' schools get on board with the CPS* model. Their situations were a little different...but the guidance was pretty much the same. LISTEN NOW

Helping Your Child's School Use CPS* (program aired live on January 31, 2012)
We covered a lot of territory on today's program, but one of the big questions was related to how parents can help schools implement CPS*. (That doesn't come until near the end of the program...fortunately, there's lots of good information on the way there.) LISTEN NOW

Child in a Deep Hole at School (program aired live on December 13, 2011)
On today's program, we heard from a mom whose son is sleeping late and missing a lot of school. How are we going to solve that problem? By using Plan B to learn as much as possible about how that student fell into that hole in the first place. LISTEN NOW 

How Do I Get My Child's Teacher to Use Plan B? (program aired live on December 14, 2010)
The title says it all!  LISTEN NOW 

Getting Teachers On Board with Collaborative & Proactive Solutions* (program aired live on February 2, 2010)
On this program, two parents called in to discuss difficulties they were having in getting the teachers of their challenging kids on board with CPS*. The solution: if possible, find ways to collaborate with the teachers on the kids' lagging skills and unsolved problems and try to achieve a consensus on the best ways to go about helping. LISTEN NOW

My Child Has Been Suspended From School (Again)! (program aired live on November 19, 2012)
Several different topics were discussed on today's program...among them, Dr. Greene received a call from a dad whose fourth grade child has been suspended from school...yet again. What should he do? That's what they talked about. LISTEN NOW

Babysitting and Baby Steps (program aired live on April 22, 2013)
Lots of ground covered on today's program...among the questions Dr. Greene answered: What to do if the folks at school are looking to parents for help with unsolved problems that are occurring at school? And, what are some baby steps for parents who are brand new to the model? LISTEN NOW

That's Why We're Here (program aired live on March 18, 2013)
Lots of ground covered on today's program, including a plea from a parent whose child is in a school and school system in which punishment and expulsion are still being used to handle oppositional and explosive behavior.  The principal, vice principal, and head of student services in that school system will be receiving Care Packages from Lives in the Balance ASAP. LISTEN NOW

*Dr. Greene is the originator of the Collaborative Problem Solving approach -- and referred to his model by that name in his articles, chapters, research papers, and books prior to 2013 -- but now calls his model Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS). Read more here.