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Photo Gallery

There's a lot going on at Lives in the Balance, and sometimes we actually remember to capture it all in pictures.  And a lot of folks send us pictures related to their work with us and the CPS model. So it finally occured to us to have a photo gallery. Enjoy!

Rear Window

You can learn a lot about a family from the stick figure decals they put on the back window of their car.  Of course, there are the "non-traditional" families -- for example, those with a behaviorally challenging child -- that are dealing with something a little extra.  Post a pithy caption and maybe you'll make someone with a behaviorally challenging kid smile today.

Is this what they mean by Road Rage?

Farm Tantrum

Life on the farm is hard enough, but add a behaviorally challenging kid to the mix and things get a lot more difficult. But if you write a pithy caption, maybe you'll bring a smile to someone's face...before they explore all the resources on this website and reduce those meltdowns... 

"How come they don't post storm warnings for this kind of tornado?"


Well, the new rendition of psychiatry's diagnostic manual -- the DSM-5 -- was recently released, and not without controversy. Lots of folks are rightly wondering whether the manual -- which bases diagnostic categories primarily on maladaptive behaviors believed to cluster together -- is becoming obsolete, and whether there are better ways to communicate about "problems in living". Childhood psychiatric diagnoses saw some significant revisions, including the elimination of one diagnosis (Asperger's disorder) and the addition of a new one (disruptive mood dysregulation disorder).

If this is evolution, maybe I'll give some more thought to intelligent design...


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