What Is CPS Anyway?

Collaborative & Proactive Solutions is the empirically supported model first articulated by Dr. Ross Greene in his book The Explosive Child. These days, it's being applied to all kids in a wide array of settings.


Our heartfelt thanks to Alice Rosenwald and Chiara Trento Mai for hosting a gathering in New York City on March 6th...and thanks to all who attended. Thanks also to Stacy and Marc Nevins, who hosted a gathering at the Algonquin Club in Boston on January 30th. And thanks to all those who have hosted other gatherings over the past nine months: Mike Rashes and Cindy Janower in Chestnut Hill, Randi and Joel Cutler in Boston, Meredith Feurtado and Heather Mosley in Greenwich, and Meredith Feurtado and Marisa Brown at the Colony Club in New York City.

Got a Minute?

Our two-minute videos are a great way to explore a variety of topics related to parenting, teaching, and collaborating with kids...

Bills to Watch

Keep an eye on our legislators, both national and regional, to see what bills they're sponsoring that have a direct effect on behaviorally challenging kids and their caregivers.

What's New?

Always lots going on at Lives in the Balance...trainings, projects, programs, and media. If it's happening, you'll find it here...and be sure to sign up for Compassionate Communities while you're there.


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