A Journey I Did Not Expect to Take

My son's story begins like any other little boy...curious, happy, helpful, bright, and funny. He has always been more work than we expected, and that was cofirmed for us when our younger son was born....two little people, so different. When he began school a little over a year and a half ago, the meetings and suggestions of having him assessed began....his first year was the most difficult, as he and his teacher would challenge each other and be at odds almost every day. He would interfere with his classmates. He would be loud and aggressive. We received calls at home, and calls to come to the school. It was asked of us that he only attend school half of the day. As a result of the unsettling first-year experience, he was moved at our request to a new classroom with a new teacher and this year is doing better. However, some issues still continue. He has been assessed numerous times.....and a pediatic assessment is on the horizon.

It is a result of parental stubbornness and love for my children that I discovered The Explosive Child....I have read it...and continue to reference it. We strive to reach a new place in our relationship with our son....and have noticed a lessening of his explosions. The next chapter in our lives with him is beginning, as we work towards Grade 1 in September. However, we have found a new sense of hope....and we all working towards a happier place. It is hard work. Continuous, never-ending....and we are all moving towards a new, better place. We are nurturing a little person to his place in the world.