I will never give up

My son is 11. Since he was 18 months he has always had a temper, even a high pitched scream when he was little. At three they thought it was a speech delay problem. Now at 11 it is a behavior issue. The general ed teachers don't understand. I don't even think the special ed teachers really understand. The schools are quick to suspend, send to detention, and make him "accountable for his actions". I have tried working with our school district, the state ombudsmen's office, psychiatrists, and psychologists, and my son has been on several medications. I still don't know how to help him. However, I will never give up. He is an extremely special person with a big (huge) heart, love for people, animals, and extremely intelligent. He will mature out of this I hope, but I will always be there to defend him, help him and just support him in any way I can. In the meantime, my heart breaks for him and other children going through the same thing. I will not stop pushing for change until the school systems learn that these children need help not punishment.