Helping Behaviorally Challenging Students: Educators Panel

November Educators' Panel:  Advice from Experienced Educators (program aired live on November 4, 2013)
Ryan Quinn, principal of Kennebunk Elementary school, a school that is currently in the earlier stages of implementing the CPS* model, joins the Educators Panel on this episode. Ryan discusses how the implementation process is going thus far and shares that adding the model to the spectrum of interventions used at the school has already captured all of the kids that weren’t being understood and helped before. The Educators reflect on their respective experiences and offer advice on many aspects of implementation, such as how to move forward once a core group has been established, handling staff members who are nervous about implementing a new method of discipline, the importance of communication with parents regarding Plan B and how the CPS philosophy reflects a shifting paradigm among current research and best practice in education. LISTEN NOW

October Educators Panel: When Kids Bring Weapons to School (program aired live on October 1, 2012)
What should the school's response be when students bring weapons to school? Does Plan A get the job done? How about Plan B? The Educators Panel weighs in. LISTEN NOW

September Educators Panel: Are We There Yet? (program aired live on September 10, 2012)
What better way to start the new broadcast season than with our Educators Panel...and they're assessing where their schools stand with implementation of the CPS* model and what their goals are for moving the ball forward this year. LISTEN NOW

May Educators Panel:  How'd They Do It? (program aired live on May 7, 2012)
Central School in South Berwick, Maine, has been implementing the CPS* model as part of a study funded by the Maine Juvenile Justice Advisory Group. School Counselor Nina D'Aran, one of our Educators Panel members, talks about the hurdles they faced (and overcame), the kids they've helped, and the work left to be done. LISTEN NOW

April Educators Panel: It's Always Something (program aired live on April 2, 2012)
Another great discussion, highlighted by the fact that an actual student called into the program and received an unexpected orientation to CPS*. LISTEN NOW 

March Educators Panel: School Violence and CPS (program aired live on March 5, 2012)
It was a tough topic for the Educators Panel, but a discussion worth having...and listening to. LISTEN NOW 

February Educators Panel (program aired live on February 6, 2012)
Implementation of CPS* is coming along rather nicely in the schools of the members of our Educators Panel...of course, there's still more work to be done. LISTEN NOW

January Educators Panel (program aired live on January 9, 2012)
Have you filled out the School Discipline Survey on the Lives in the Balance website yet? The Educators Panel members did that very thing on today's program. LISTEN NOW

December Educators Panel (program aired live on December 5, 2011)
If we spend all of our meeting time talking about things about which we can do nothing, staff will emerge from those meetings assuming they can do nothing to help the behaviorally challenging students we're discussing.  But what if we spend our meeting time talking about lagging skills and unsolved problems with the ALSUP as our discussion guide? LISTEN NOW 

November Educators Panel (program aired live on November 7, 2011)
On today's program, the Educators Panel covered wide-ranging topics related to implementation of CPS* in their respective buildings. Things are really coming along! LISTEN NOW

Wisdom Found Here: October Educators Panel (program aired live on October 3, 2011)
This show serves as a reminder of the incredible insights our Educators Panel offers on a wide array of topics related to school discipline in general and behaviorally challenging kids in particular.  If you only listen to only one program, listen to this one.  LISTEN NOW 

May Educators Panel:  Next Year is Only Three Months Off (program aired live on May 2, 2011)
Here on our last Educators Panel of the school year, the crew tackled that four-letter word again (TIME), discussed the potent effects of another word (empathy), and thought about what can be done now (at the end of the school year) to hit the ground running with CPS* next year. LISTEN NOW

April Educators Panel: CPS* and Bullying (program aired live on April 4, 2011)
Our Educators Panel tackled the problem of bullying today.  This may not be surprising, but they concluded that bullies are lacking important skills and have unsolved problems...and the bullied are, too. LISTEN NOW

March Educators Panel:  Response to Intervention, Rubrics, and More (program aired live on March 7, 2011)
Our school principal, Tom, came very close to using Plan A with one of his challenging students.  But then, at the precipice, he went back to Plan B...and lived to tell the tale. LISTEN NOW

February Educators Panel (program aired live on February 7, 2011)
"The foundation of understanding is the willingness to listen."  We don't know who said this, but it's what we talked about on today's Educators Panel. LISTEN NOW

January Educators Panel:  Say What? (program aired live on January 3, 2011)
What's the best way to respond when colleagues say a student is "choosing" to behave inappropriately or is being "manipulative"? That's what the Educators Panel tackled during today's program. LISTEN NOW

All Aboard? December Educators Panel (program aired live on December 6, 2010)
How do you to help school staff climb on board the CPS Express?  After resolving some technical issues -- and a snowstorm -- the Educators Panel has some ideas! LISTEN NOW

November Educators Panel (program aired live on November 8, 2010)
This program was the first edition of a new feature for this radio program:  the Educators Panel, which airs the first Monday of every month.  Dr. Greene was joined by two educators to talk about behaviorally challenging kids, the difficulties in helping them effectively in schools, and what's going in their own schools to move things in the right direction. LISTEN NOW

*Dr. Greene is the originator of the Collaborative Problem Solving approach -- and referred to his model by that name in his articles, chapters, research papers, and books prior to 2013 -- but now calls his model Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS). Read more here.