Helping Behaviorally Challenging Students: Collaborating with Parents

Collaboration Between Parents and Teachers (program aired live on December 14, 2009) 
Why do interactions between teachers and parents have a high potential for going awry?  What does it take to help things go better. It turns out that collaboration between parents and educators involves the same ingredients as collaboration between adults and kids: making sure that the concerns of both parties are well-clarified and understood (before generating solutions) and working toward solutions that are realistic and mutually satisfactory. LISTEN NOW

Working Collaboratively with Parents (program aired live on February 15, 2010) 
Educators often blame parents for students' behavior problems at school, and often feel that a student's difficulties at school can't be resolved without parental involvement. While working collaboratively with parents is certainly a goal, some unsolved problems don't require parental involvement...and some parents aren't available to help anyway. LISTEN NOW