I am not only an intern in my MA program for counseling (children with behavioral issues is my specialization with a focus on limited or no medicinal intervention), I am also a mother of two children. One is the "easy" child...she's 15 years old, and what a wonderful teen she has turned out to be. The other is my 5-year old son who I find amazing and quite intellectual as well as humorous. I never realized he had challenging behavior until he started kindergarten 3 weeks ago. I was met on day 2 with a letter telling me of his behavior problems (inability to focus, impulsive, and inability to keep his hands to himself) and the only thing I could think of after reading it was "OK, so what are we going to do about this?" Needless to say, after daily meetings with his teacher, a phone call to the principal as well as the superintendent, I felt defeated. Not only were the behaviors not getting better with the Plan A approaches (which I found myself using for the first time at home as well when he got on "Red"), he was getting worse. The teacher's response to me was she would use a sticker incentive, the principal told me she would not switch his teacher, and the superintendent said it was not a big enough issue for him to get involved.

I ended up pulling him from the school and placing him in a charter school. His first day was today and I spent the entire day watching Dr. Greene's videos. I could not believe all of my son's life I had been using proactive and communicative Plan B approaches yet never thought twice about it. What was more disturbing is that I almost got caught up with the schools approach and actually found myself blaming things from his father not being around to my lackadaisical parenting approach (it had to be, since I never saw these behaviors at home, that I was just giving in or doing something to make it easier). Not only did the videos give me hope for my own son but for all those with whom I will be working with in the near future. I am ecstatic to report that at the end of his first day today I had a meeting with his new teacher. She wanted to discuss his behavior as well as share some ideas as to how to help intervene or even prevent them from happening. All without punishments or rewards! I almost burst into happy tears. I began telling her what I had just learned from your videos and she plans on buying your books! We are meeting again next week to discuss more unsolved problems, observed lagging skills, and how we plan on approaching my son so that he is part of the solutions! I look forward to implementing your approach and want to thank you as a professional as well as a parent for making my journey much more interesting!