Copyright and Trademark Info

It is very exciting and gratifying that so many mental health professionals, educators, pediatricians, parents, systems, and facilities are utilizing Dr. Greene's work, and, of course, heartening that so many challenging kids are benefiting from the approach. Because inaccurate dissemination and implementation compromises the effectiveness of the model and is a disservice to the children and adult caretakers it was created to help, it is important that the model not be altered, watered down, inaccurately or incompletely taught, or otherwise compromised. Thus, those who are presenting, training others in the use of, or practicing the model should be aware of copyright and trademark considerations.

Dr. Greene's approach was first delineated in his book, The Explosive Child. Please make the appropriate attribution to this book so that people are clear about the origin of the model, and, without implying or suggesting affiliation, be sure to include the website for Lives in the Balance ( so that people are aware of how to access model updates and other resources.

If you intend to include information about Dr. Greene's approach in a general course or presentation, please make explicit the facts that you are not a certified trainer, that you are presenting an overview of the model, and that while you are presenting your best understanding of the model the accuracy of the information you are presenting should not be assumed. Please also make explicit the fact that you hold no affiliation with Dr. Greene. If you wish to conduct a course or develop a treatment or training program with Dr. Greene's approach as the primary focus, please contact Dr. Greene (through the Contact page on this website).

A list of providers who are certified in Dr. Greene's approach can be found at  Referencing Dr. Greene's approach in books, scientific papers, articles, handouts, and other materials is encouraged and appreciated. But the model is not easy to summarize, so Dr. Greene would be pleased to review any materials you may be considering publishing in which the model is referenced or described so as to ensure a high degree of accuracy.

Studying the effectiveness of Dr. Greene's approach is also encouraged; please contact Dr. Greene to discuss how the model can be delivered and studied with a high degree of integrity.