Care Packages

Due to COVID-19, we've had to temporarily suspend our Care Package program. Though the Buy Now tab below has not been disabled, we aren't currently filling any new orders.

Many people who live and work with behaviorally challenging kids don't yet understand these kids and are still applying behavioral management strategies that are often (at best) unhelpful and (at worst) extremely counterproductive. That's where you come in!

Do you know someone who needs to hear about Dr. Greene's Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) model? Whether it's a school teacher, principal, or superintendent...or a mayor or governor...or someone overseeing a treatment can anonymously send them a Care Package from Lives in the Balance containing all kinds of materials to enlighten them and help them move in the right direction. Here's what they'll receive:

✓ A letter telling them why they're receiving the Care Package: the hope that the resources will help them to better meet the needs of behaviorally challenging kids.

✓ If the Care Package is for parents or other family-oriented caregivers, it will contain copies of The Explosive Child and Raising Human Beings.  If the Care Package is for educators or staff in treatment facilities, it will contain copies of Lost at School and Lost & Found.

✓ A copy of a recent article from Mother Jones magazine, What if everything you knew about disciplining kids was wrong? describing the dramatic effects of the Collaborative & Proactive Solutions model in the schools and juvenile detention facilities in Maine.

✓ A copy of the Bill of Rights for Behaviorally Challenging Kids, the Assessment of Lagging Skills and Unsolved Problems, the Problem Solving Plan, the Plan B Cheat Sheet, and a one-page description of the CPS model.

The cost of sending a Care Package is $35. All royalties Dr. Greene receives from books contained in Care Packages are donated right back to Lives in the Balance.

Unfortunately, due to high shipping costs, we are able to offer Care Packages only in the United States.

TO SEND A LIVES IN THE BALANCE CARE PACKAGE, CLICK ON THE TAB BELOW. You'll be directed to Paypal...please follow these instructions:

1.  On the first page, choose to either use a pre-existing Paypal account or a credit card.

2.  On the next page, enter your payment information.

3.  The next page (Review Your Information) is crucial.  You'll see a Special Instructions section on this page. Click on "Add" and enter the name, position, and mailing address of the person to whom you'd like your Care Package sent.

After we receive your order, we'll verify the information you provided and send your Care Package pronto!  If you want to send a Care Package to more than one individual, just repeat the process.

Thanks for caring!


Care Package Recipient