A Boost of Confidence

I'm a school support worker here in Vancouver, British Columbia and have been working in the field for over 10 years. Most of my "behaviour" training has been in the behaviour modification approach of reward/punishment. In September 2010 I started a new assignment in a grade 4 class supporting two students who were considered really tough in terms of behaviour. Both of them have the common labels attached: ADHD, ODD, anxiety, etc.

A psychiatrist speaking at a workshop I attended recommended "The Explosive Child" when I told him I needed some strategies for when I was stuck in the muck with a kid. I read it, and it just made so much sense to me. I right tried to use some of the principles in my daily practice.

While it's safe to say that I've been hit and miss with Plan B and CPS (it takes a lot of practice!), I can honestly say it's made a huge difference both in how I approach problems at work and how the kids get through their day. The kids' families and other staff are really surprised at how much more relaxed and happy the students are at school and the natural friendships that are emerging. My days also are much more relaxed without confrontation, time-outs and lecturing all the time.

I've been given a great boost of confidence with CPS, but the kids I work with have also been given that boost of confidence. We're still working through problems together, but they are much smaller and easier to deal with... and there have been virtually no explosive tantrums for this whole school year. We often say to each other, if we can talk it out, we can work through anything... and they believe it!

Thank you!